When I meet God, I Wish to Save Him

*Scene begins*

*Enter Arpy*

Arpy: Arpy!

*Enter Darpy*

Darpy: Darpy!

Arpy: Darpy?

Darpy: Arpy?

Arpy: Darpy!

Darpy: Arpy!

Arpy: Darpy Arpy!

Darpy: Arpy Darpy!

*Enter Doop*

Doop: Arpy Darpy Doop!


Doop: Darpy Arpy Doop!


Doop: Doop Da-

*Darpy and Arpy proceed to savagely beat Doop*

Doop: AHHHH!

Darpy: Darpy! DARPY!

Arpy: Arpy! Darpy! ARPY! DARPY!

Darpy: Doop!


Doop: ….Darpy?

Darpy: Darpy….Darpy….DARPY.

*Darpy runs off stage screaming*

Doop: Doopy doop doo.

*Doop sucks his thumb*

Arpy: ARPY!

*Arpy strips naked and jumps into the audience*

*Scene Ends*

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