Global Scorning

Global Scorning

*Act 1*

*Christian and Jane openly embrace each other with loving devotion. Christian firmly holds his lover close – his thick muscular arms keeping her safe as Jane rests her fragile body upon his chest. She begins to close her eyes and truly appreciate her loved one and all that he has done for her. Jane almost falls into a warm doze before Christian reminds her of his affection for his true love*

Christian: Jane, you are my world.

*Jane takes a deep breath in order to tame the butterflies in her stomach*

Jane: Oh, Christian. I –

*A man enters, aged 22-25. Christian eyes him suspiciously. The Man’s face is vacant yet intimidating*

Christian: Um…

The Man: …..

Christian: Who are you?

The Man: She is your world?

Christian: Yes…

The Man: I am her Global Warming.

Christian: Excuse me?

*The Man suddenly equips a flamethrower and begins to burn Jane alive.*


The Man: What must be done.

Jane: NO!

*Jane pushes Christian away in an instinctive reflex to save her lover.*

The Man: You can’t change this.

*Christian watches in horror, unable to comprehend the sickening sight of Jane’s flesh quickly turning to black – exposing her insides to the world before crumbling away in a tortured pile of viscera and heart break.*

The Man: You couldn’t change this.

*Christian is reluctant to approach Jane’s new physique.*

The Man: You didn’t change this.

*Christian’s face becomes flooded with tears. As he inches closer to Jane, his tears sizzle away in the pile of his ex Lover.*

The Man: You could have changed this.

Christian: ….What?

The Man: Why didn’t you change this?

Christian: …I…I…

The Man: She was your world. She is now nothing. What are you?

Christian: What…..what am I?

The Man: YES.

*Christian begins to sob uncontrollably*



The Man: Yes. Scene ends.

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